Saturday, June 27, 2009

complicated feelings.
a day after im officially starting my NEW chapter of life..
very obvious that im not ready at all especially mentally..
not enough time lahh..
so used to the life in sbux.
so used to have different friends at a time.
so used to the simple life in this small town.
so used to everything that im gonna leave it behind later.

in another 6 hours time
im starting off my journey
down to the south.

i still havent
-pack my pencil case
-update hp's songs
-say goodbye to everyone


i had no chance to say goodbye to each and everyone that i knw.

thanks for all the bday wishes.
i received alot this year.

for the earlier whipcream bday party.

for accompanying me to countdown my bday.

for treating me HAPPY MEAL and my one and only bday cake this year.

all partners in TS116
for the card and the tumbler.
i will NEVER forget my time in sbux.

for remember and appreciate me as a part time barista in sbux.
sorry for any mistakes and any offences.

advisor sekalian
for all the advices.

grandma said: i will fry some ikan bilis for you in case you dont like the food over there.
grandma said: here is some small change ($) just in case you need it.

for being concern and keep reminding me to take care of myself.

simple things does left a great impact on others.
once again.
i couldnt say more..


p/s: i cried while typing all these but not so teruk like the teddy bear above.
i still gt alot of exclusive photos with me, not enough time...

i still got lotxa things UNDONE.

feeling now = melancholy.
life's changing drastically.
unprepared mentally.
parting with friends is the hardest part.

it has been a long journey now since 1989.
all the memories,
all the experiences.
unable to describe the emotions I'm going through now.
beginning of a new chapter in life.
to all my peeps,
we rocked!!!
thanks for the memories,
minta maaf minta ampun
kalau ada salah dan silap.

entah what else to say?
benci akan goodbyes.
entah when only can online again?
(tiada laptop sendiri)

i guess this is
(for now at least)
see you when i see you.

Our time is NOW!

Time for us to
spread our wings
and FLY!!!!

LET'S GONE !!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

to Rong-Shyn~

sembilan belas sudah \o/

-hope you'll enjoy the book-



Thursday, June 25, 2009

tribute repeat

days are numbered.
emotions running high and low.

semboyan telah berbunyi
menuju medan bakti~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

fast times


Motion picture parallel to life,
I can't stop or slow it down.
-one buck short
*picture by RS

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Siapa yang sangka
Bila tiba masa kita
Untuk pergi selamanya

Takkan terduga
Jika saat ni
Tuhan tentukan
Aku lah orangnya

Gelak tawa tangisan yang hiba
Kenangan kita masa di dunia
Alangkah indahnya jika
Kita mampu hidup selamanya…

baiboooh f*POWER oggy and the cockroachesfuhhh.never regret on decision u'd made. never make a decision that makes you \o/kawan.sahabat.sekalian.keberatan hati untuk meninggalkan segalanya.masa terlalu singkat. hati masih tak bersedia. akan ku ingat. segalanya yang diberi dan diajar. akan ku mengingati.20-21/06/09.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Han Jiang Ancestral Temple aka Teowchew Temple, Penang.

Click here to view in colour.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Queensbay, Penang.

It must be summer,
cause the days are long.
- Fountains of Wayne
...yawn...~ are the Teluk Intan pics...

menara condong

entah what 3-weight system that runs the clock entah

view from top


view from SMK Teknik dorms


stopped by Teluk Batik on the way home

...handphone camera getting suckier, must have worn out the lens and sensor over the years...

*two pictures of team by Soon Leong

Saturday, June 13, 2009

...back from Teluk Intan yesterday... trip to Penang AGAIN today...
...the journey continues...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 to Teluk Intan tomorrow
for at least 4 days i think...
Sukan Perak Kelima

Monday, June 8, 2009

tues - penang
weds - penang
thurs - penang
sat - taiping to penang to taiping to melaka,
sun - funeral, melaka back to taiping,
mon - volleyball, waterfall
tues - badminton, waterfall
weds - volleyball, waterfall
thurs - badminton, waterfall
sat - volleyball, waterfall
sun - volleyball, SICK.......

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Great Escape. versi cy

___DAY ONE___

...picked up RS after her shift at starbucks at 3pm...
...then went to fetch Pat...
...met Justyn at auto city and off we went to
the Pearl of the Orient... lost finding for the hotel...'s like we knew where it was,
we could see it, but couldn't get to it...
...coz of all the freaking one way streets
my co-pilot didn't do his homework before the trip...

(no pics from me coz i was driving)

...checked into our rooms and then
...went out walking-walking
sekitar jalan Burma & jalan McAlister area...


warm-up camera dulu .

walking-walking .

random old shops.

...then we ate dinner at the crossroad
of lebuh Kinta & jalan McAlister...

hokkien mee, char kuey kak, char kuey teow, or chien & roasted chicken wings .

habis .

...lepas tu kami went walking-walking again...

the Unnamed Building.
(no signboard or plaque or anything saying what is it)

Justyn has better inside shots .

love the floor.
grass dividing each tile .

handicraft art gallery inside .

light trail shots.
the second shot must have been of a lorry or something .

...then we decided to walk along jalan Siam
because we wanted to cut back into the makan area again
and jalan Siam made sense direction-wise...
...and it turns out jalan Siam didn't have any crossroads at all... we couldn't cut back into the makan area...
...and we had to walk the whole length of jalan Siam...
...we should have siam when we saw jalan Siam...
...cis bedebah...

random shops along jalam Siam.

...we finally found the makan area again and there
we ate the WORST ice kacang ever made...
...then we went back to our hotel and called it a night...

___DAY TWO___ lost again finding for Kek Lok Si...

the giler jam town of Air Hitam.

man selling eggs by the roadside just like that,
merely inches away from passing vehicles.
imagine if a bicycle suddenly terbabas into the eggs,
imagine the art that would have been.

the girls' breakfast.

mee goreng mamak.

tortoises at Kek Lok Si.
(Justyn has better shots)

i got the Forbidden City of China feel.


i actually felt at peace inside.

four sides of the walls were just this.
(look at picture before this)


penyerlahan skill.

it was hot.
we didn't mind much.



love the colours of this temple.

group photo.


RS brought 3 pairs of shoes.
don't ask me why.

penyerlahan skill memuncak.


she's hot too i guess.

rehat la.

minum la.

...after Kek Lok Si, we didn't know where to go... we bought ekonomi rice beside our hotel for lunch
and balik hotel makan and tidur dulu...

invention aku.
Red Bull + Slurpee
Red Pee.

...after tidur was beach time!!!...

puteri lilin they were not.

one thing i forgot to mention earlier.
RS fell in love with the tripod the minute
she laid eyes on them.

dirty or not,
kita masuk jugak.
tak mati pun.

batu ferringgi.
(the bird!!!)

shooting away non-stop.



...after the beach, we went back to our hotel to mandi...
...for dinner we went to Gurney Drive...
@#%&#@$!!!! we went to a food court along jalan McAlister
for dinner number two...

hokkien char.

or chien.

fried rice.


...went back to our hotel in full stomachs...
...RS was still hungry after her pizza..., can she eat and eat...
...lepak in guys' room a while...
...then the girls went to sleep...

...walked with Justyn to jalan McAlister's Pelita
at 2.30am to watch the final...
...the place was packed so we stood and watch the whole match... bull during half-time for me...


...pagi yang gelap dan berangin...
...we went straight to exploring the
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
without breakfast...
...takut hujan then rugi...

city hall.

group photo.

berangin kuat macam taufan siot.

penyerlahan skill.


fort cornwalis.

...then it got brighter and our stomachs got hungrier... we parked at lebuh Gereja and ate
at a simple coffee shop...

kari mee sedap.

...then the rain came...
...heavy as hell...

so we uploaded our photos and viewed.

Penang Peranakan Mansion.

in Little India.

Maha Mariamman Temple.


at Han Jiang Ancestral Temple (Teowchew Temple)

RS at her roots.

Kapitan Keling Mosque.

the tour guide, Mr Lokman.
asked us if we knew the meaning of his name.
we didn't.
he said his name meant
Six Dollars.
get it?
haha not bad.

Justyn wore one as well.

group photo.

Guan Yin Temple.

St. George's Church.

Penang Museum.

Yap Kongsi Clan House.

Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple

Cheah Kongsi Clan House.

Penang Baba Wedding Group. Circa 1929. Baba groom wearing "Th'ng Sah, Thak Beh Kuah", same as the two Pageboys called "Koo Eah & Chek Eah". The Nyonya bride is wearing an embroidered Robe & Skirt called "Koon Oh", while her bridal crown is called the "Tik Koay". The two Pagegirls called "Gin Nah Pek" are wearing embroidered "Samfoos" trimmed with Rabbit fur. Their goldern tiaras are called "Pak Sian Kim Boh" meaning Eight Immortals Golden Tiara.



random shots outside.

entrance of Khoo Kongsi Clan House.

Acheen Street Mosque.

Penang Islamic Museum.

Penang Heritage Centre

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion.

...lepas tu kami pun balik...

...makan-ed at McD auto city...

___Final Thoughts___

- thanks Seow Feng for the inspiration and hotel suggestion.

-random and unplanned is way more fun.

- if the hotel says no towels provided, means no towels provided. LOLx

- CLEAN floor mats can be used as towels. LOLx

- check your room 100% first before assuming there's no dustbin. LOLx

- "jauh perjalanan, luas pengetahuan" is so darn true.

- break out of your race shell and be MALAYSIAN!!!

We Made the Great Escape