Saturday, February 28, 2009

this is THE
NEW Ford Focus

in picture: ford focus sedan

went to ford showroom for some briefing on the background of ford company, some history bout it..and some details bout the car..
i was not prepared and did not expect the manager to ask me questions about cars.
like comparing cars, types of car you will buy..and blaahhh...

manager: so go around and have a look on the new car, open the doors and look inside.
come tell me what do you think bout this car.

ohh si liao la..
i can comment bout cars but i dunno the right terms to use..
have to lah..since it is quite normal for girl not to knw much bout cars..
hantam aje lah..
i walked around..buka pintu tutup balik..tengok dalam tengok luar...

hmm..looks solid..when i slammed the sounds good..
nice accessories..but i dont like the aircond design..
i dont like the headlights and backlights either..
the grilles design looks like mitsubishi lancer evolution..
but mitsubishi is nicer..hehe..

manager said looks like audi too looks so euro-car..i dont really like euro car
except minicooper and volkswagen beetle

mitsubishi lancer evolution

Audi TTS

volvo S40

i was told that the new ford focus had the same platform as volvo S40
volvo cars are claimed as the safest car on the world*

*new ford focus came in two types, hatch back(5dr) and also sedan(4dr).
*its a good car that worth its value~
*from the stability aspects and cornering, it always better than toyota and honda.
cheaper than toyota camry and also honda accord.
*its almost the same as peugeot 407..great stability..
*paling penting--jimat minyak!

but i still love


and this

not forgetting


pictures grabbed from web

Thursday, February 26, 2009


"you are my only ONE"
...have been keeping a low profile lately...
...just don't have the mood or spirit for anything... are some pics taken during the past few days...

life in technicolor

...been looking and staring at the sky a lot lately too...
...feeling small and alone in this world... dragon fly was alone too...

"mungkin aku bukan yang
kau kenali dulu"
- nitrus

Riuhnya di kota
Penuh cerita dan ragam
Ragam manusia

Ada yang tertawa
Ada yang menangis kecewa
Berduka lara


Monday, February 23, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

"I stared into oblivion,

and found my own."

- funeral for a friend

So what,

I'm still an


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome To The Conve®se Century

I'm still not sure what to post.
So i just throw an advertisement here!
Hope u guys don't mind~

Click here for the orginal shot!

"There are moments when i don't know if it's real,
Or if anybody feels the way i feel,
I need inspiration,
Not just another negotiation."
- music and lyrics

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i pressed on the send button.
i knew you received it
eventhough you chose not to reply..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what if the bright lights
don't receive me?

special edition's a little
expose' on..


..simply magic..


..that's all..

..of coz we can't show you
the photo of the CKT itself..'s too

for public viewing..

Monday, February 16, 2009

they will have/will not have a good ending.

sexy's sexy

..talked to a girl today..
..she had the sweetest and loveliest tone i've ever heard..
..she had this sexy kinda voice..
(and by sexy i don't mean slutty or horny)
(seriously damn cun voice)
..talked to her for like 25 minits..
..felt so good to talk to someone new..
..i din even get to know her name..
..her age..
..her status..
..or anything else..
..she could have been in her '50s..
..looked like a frog..
..married 3 times..
..and divorced twice..
..but hey!..
..who am i to judge..
..she didn't..
..dats the first time i called
Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad's
Customer Service operator..
"oh operator
the line is dead"
- jason lo
you were bitter..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

my vday song








*copypaste lyrics of the song that i'm replaying whole v nite*

lalala kerjalah!

..alone at the office today
for da first few hours..
..msn-ed with rs a while..

..beside the rack..
ex-clerk's unfinished work rack..
ex-clerk's more unfinished work

..bottom rack..
NEW clerk's FINISHED work

..before this
the ex-clerk's desk was so messy
dat her junk covered the whole
surface of the table..

it's valentine's day......

"kerja bagai nak gila, tak juga kaya"
- meet uncle hussain

Friday, February 13, 2009


God created this world using seven days, we created this blog within a night...~
blah blah blah... trying to cut the crap out.

I believe they(rs and john) already clearly explained about our sejarah, how, what, why and when we created it... (hey, thanks for doing the job guys..:p kidding~)
and yes... this is roughly how we create this piece of blog~

Well, what can i say...

I'm exited(Oh yes!
I do hope it will bring more understanding to each other and even we're staying apart we able to know what's going on around us... the "happening" la, u know~

and Of course, we do NEED everyone support our new blog!!!

Its Valentine's day,

I just hope eveyone able leave their work behind and spend some time with their love ones. (:

As for Rong-Shyn,

All the best in ur future studies and stpm result... I hope you'll find someone special in your life~

For John,

what can i say about John...Someone out there, please help John!!! he got pieces of broken heart needed to be fixed.. haha.
We know you have been through a rough time... just wanna let u know that we're always there for you!
Surely, you'll find a special someone next time~
Be a man, do the right thing!

Lastly, Thanks for making my life better than yesterday!

Anyway, here's my post!

'Secret Valentine by We the Kings'

Happy Valentine's!

new beginning...

ehem ehem~
mic test, mic test
satu dua tiga
alrite peeps,
so here we are initiating our little
threesome collaboration,

Reasons for us wanting to start a blog:
1. we (well, me and rs anyway) are practically bored shitless of rotting at home everyday.
2. us needing a medium to gather, share and discuss our creative work.
3. ah!! wth... lazy lah wanna explain.... ppl do blog adi u all dont ask so many questions la...

so yeah! we decided to launch our blog on the start of Valentine's Day 2009...
hope you guys will enjoy all our future posts...
and hope we three will always have the inspiration, creativity,
inovativity, bombastick, hockeystick
to keep on posting new stuff...
hopefully wont be "hot-hot chicken shit" la....

oh yah! im freakin 20 adi....20!!!
f*ck dat i stil feel 17....mayb 16...

been through a pretty hard and rough time recently...
sleepless nights and all dat stuff...
still not cured, still not feeling okay...
but i think i'll survive...
"hopefully la" i always say...
special thanks to all those who've been giving me
'bimbingan dan kaunseling'...
u guys are real life savers...
doing some soul searching now
and hoping hali demi hali i'll get better...

happy valentines day~



a new beginning for me?


official launching speech

sunset. the end for today
but a new start for tomorrow.
the sun set because it rises tomorrow

john asked me to submit a long posts.
so haihhhhhhh.....

and NOW at sharp 12am
happie valentine to the other two members of the blogg,
to all the readers who waited for the launching,
to all my friends single or ber-couple,
to all human sekalian.

:: some history ::
bagaimanakah blog ini dilahirkan
1st idea was like creating a group in flickr.
on 3rd Jan 2009(saturday) i received an email from justyn:

"john and i plan to create a group in flickr, this group only meant for three of us.
And each of us must sumit one photo each week into this group"

then..i dont really remember why the thing doesnt works.

on 11th Feb 2009 (hari yang mulia bagi yang berhormat mr. john) at 6:09:35pm
john: i was thinking of another idea......
john: maybe 3 of us can run ONE blog.........
(i was wondering why so many dot dot dot)
me: BLOG?? haha i'm okay with it.

john: any suggestion on the address? goes
suggestion 1. greenhouseeffect (ciz..already taken)
suggestion 2. weloveckt (i laughed whn looking at the screen)
then..finally i said..welovegreenhouse..


part of the process..

7:07:23 PM
ok done
7:07:32 PM
7:09:53 PM
profile updated
7:09:56 PM
wat else?
7:10:30 PM
dats all for nw.......nw im just doin da fizikal stuff
7:10:39 PM
u view da blog d?
7:10:52 PM
ya..nth ther accept the links beside
7:10:59 PM
7:11:18 PM
haha 11022009 official date..
7:11:23 PM
nt yt la
7:11:35 PM
nw u can start drafting ur opening speech la.........
then banyak lagi......

MAKA blog ini dilahirkan secara rasminya pada 12.00am 14Feb 2009.

bagaimanakah muncul kumpulan greenhouseeffect
sebab kami gemar makan tangki kuey teow

bilakah kumpulan ini muncul
ohhh..aku dah lupa.
sebab kami bagaikan kawan yang telah lama kenali
(betul ke nie..ya kut...)

aktiviti kumpulan
*tangkap gambar..memang lah
*mesyuarat migguan telah cancel (member dah lari pi kampar)
*menyebarkan budaya makan ckt

sebab kami percaya...
ckt dapat mengekalkan bentuk badan yang kurus.

sebarang pertanyaan sila..
ahh..sila comment dan aku akan jawab :)

ps: justyn yang busy suppose to be the first person to submit his post
so that we can officially lauch our blog.
okaylah..kita post sama-sama.

i dont mind if u're taller than me
i dont mind if u can eat more than me
i dont mind the differences between us
i dont mind..hehe
when we hang at the edge together like the pegs
i will say..
yo jom lepaskan tangan bersama-sama.


*happy reading*